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Valley Creek
Image Size 37" x 20"

Signed, Limited Edition:  $160
Artist's Proofs: $ 320
Original: Call Studio

Valley Creek

Not far from my home in Chester County, Pennsylvania, flows the east branch of the tiny river know as the Brandywine. Reflecting and shimmering as it works its way through the woodlands and settlements along its banks, it is not only an historic river, it is a beautiful waterway. Valley Creek is one of the many scenic tributaries that runs through the valley and contributes to the waters of the Brandywine.

Early one crisp winter morning, I decided to explore this wonderful twisting and churning stream (artists are not particularly bright!). As it snaked its way through the county, I worked hard trying to anticipate its next mood and turn. Suddenly after an almost ninety degree bend, just south of Downingtown, this amazing landscape came into view. I knew immediately that it had to be painted.

To capture the quiet and then moving waters was a challenge. I chose a limited palette (only a handful of colors) to tender this major work using acrylic, watercolor, and tempera paints. Valley Creek has been faithfully reproduced on the finest quality 100% acid free paper. I have personally inspected, signed and numbered each impression.

Signed, Limited Edition: $160
Artist's Proof: $320