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Cope's Bridge

When you purchase art from RichardBollinger.net, you have a variety  of ordering options.
Please read below for explanations of those options:
Signed, Limited Edition:     The majority of my paintings are reproduced by lithograph offset reproduction. The original art is scanned and plates are made that represent the major colors that were used in the painting (it’s really a lot more technical than that!). Plates are created, aligned, and finally fixed to the press. Using special fade resistant inks (usually four basic colors) and 100% acid free paper, the pressman and the artist work together adjusting the colors and saturation levels until the desired effect is achieved (or until the printer is sick of the artist!). After drying, I inspect and sign and number each print. Because this is a limited edition, after the printing is complete, the plates are destroyed.

Artist's Proof: In producing a lithograph offset reproduction, the artist goes through a stage called proofing. This guarantees the authenticity and faithfulness of color and detail to the original artwork. Artist's Proofs are generally the first prints off the press after this proofing process and are selected by the artist for his or her personal collection. They are outside the regular edition and are more valuable. Richard Bollinger has chosen to make these very limited, only 10 to 20 per edition.

Remarque: In many limited production editions, an artist will offer a series within that edition that is special and unique. These small numbers (10-25) of hand painted or drawn renderings are called remarques. A remarque is original artwork showing specific details related to the painting which is applied directly to the reproduction. Each one is unlike any other, which makes it extremely personal and greatly enhances  the value. People can request a specific image for the artist to paint. Richard Bollinger was the first landscape artist to use watercolors in these studies rather than the traditional pencil sketch.
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